How To Prepare For Tornadoes Before It Arrives

By Yvonne

January 18, 2017 Home Improvement No comments

Tornadoes are a common natural disaster that hits Arkansas on a regular basis. Proper preparation is something which is necessary when it comes to handling natural disasters. Hence, one should plan, prepare and execute the safety methods before the tornadoes hit Arkansas.

Now, you must be thinking how will I know when will a tornado arrive? This is the point where you need planning beforehand. You can start planning from today and execute the safety measures to keep yourself and your family safe, when suddenly the storm arrives. Here, we have come up with a few points as to how can you start the preparation from now on.


Build storm shelters

Storm shelters are kind of underground bunkers, which can keep you and your family safe, when tornadoes hit the region. This is the first and most crucial thing that you should consider. There are professionals who can be hired to install these shelters. But, the question that can arise in your mind is when should you buy these? Well, the best answer to this can be between July-December as during this time the installation companies have less work and they can perform your work with more care. Generally, during January to March, the chances of tornadoes arriving are high and people hire the professionals to get their own storm shelters. Moreover, due to rain during this time, the installation process becomes difficult to handle and there are chances of more accidents occurring. Therefore as mentioned, planning, preparation and execution are the basic requirements for safety against natural disaster; hire a professional as soon as possible.

Stock your emergency supplies

When a tornado hits, it will be difficult to carry all the emergency needs with you to the shelter. Hence, after you have installed the storm shelter, start stocking emergency requirements in it like medicines, extra clothes, toys of children. Place all these items in an airtight box and store it in the shelter as keeping them in the box will increase the shell life of the goods. Also, ensure to check the supplies on a regular basis so as to confirm that the emergency supplies have not exceeded the expiry date. You can also stock some packaged food items.

Make copies of emergency documents

No one can really determine how much loss a tornado will lead to. So, the smart way is to make copies of your important documents like bank account numbers, passports, important phone numbers, medicine bills etc. You can keep the copies at different places in your home and the original ones in a safe locker in the storm shelter. This will lead to get your backup of important details even if the tornado destroys everything.

Provide training for emergencies

You may know your family members really well, but it is difficult to determine how will one react if a tornado hits the place? So, to keep yourself prepared provide training to your family members as to how not to panic and run their way down to the storm shelters. If you have children in your home, make them see videos of tornadoes, so that they can be prepared and not get frightened.

With these few tips, you can protect yourself and your family during tornadoes. Do not wait for the tornado to arrive. Plan and prepare yourself beforehand and you will definitely survive the tornadoes.

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