How can you Increase your App’s Engagement?

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The present era of digitalization and an increase in the smartphone users have pushed the need for mobile apps quite high. Apps have become a must have for any business. Many startups are also starting their business with a mobile app. As a result, every mobile app development company is looking for new and innovative ideas for app development.

How can you Increase your App's Engagement


But seeing the present and futuredemand of apps, developing an app is not enough. Also, the tremendously growing competition in the app industry has made the survival difficult. A great app with no users is equal to a bad app. The app focused companies are focusing on ways to increase their app’s engagement. They are trying every possible way to boost up the engagement percentage of their app. To stand ahead of the competition and to make your space in the crowded app industry, it is important to have an app with high engagement. We, therefore bring to you the ways by which you can boost your app’s engagement. They are as follow:


  1. Invest in a cross platform mobile app

While this stage comes before the part when there is an app to engagepeople on, this is still extremely crucial. In order for your app to become engaging, it will first have to reach people, which becomes much easier once it is available on a number of devices. Invest in a good cross platform mobile developmentcompanyto make your app reach all the more deviceswithout losing its touch.

  1. Create a fabulous first impression: The First Impression is the Last Impression. We never get a second chance to create a first impression. Hence try your best to give your users a lasting first impression. It will not make any difference if the app fails to impress the users in the first attempt. There are fewer chances that the user will again take the time to try your app. Hence we sure of what you are delivering to the users.
  2. Use App Onboarding: Develop an informative preview of your app and list all the possible qualities of your app by making the use of Onboarding. Onboarding also adds a new and creative dynamic to the app which plays an important role in attracting and retaining the users. This is just like giving your users an idea of what they will be getting from the app.
  3. Allow Free Navigation: Don’t bound your users for creating an account or for subscribing to your app the minute they click on it. Rather let them navigate and explore what the app offers to them. This gives a clear understanding of your app to the users and they become sure that they need your app. Hence the user engagement for your app will certainly improve.
  4. App’s Performance: Despite having a unique design, many needed functionalities, or a good user interface, if the app fails to perform as what the user was expecting then there is a high risk that the users may uninstall it. It will frustrate the users if the app is not quick to start or takes too long to execute user‘s action. So be sure that your app’s performance speaks for itself.
  5. Timely Updating the App: Your work doesn’t end post developing the app but this is where it starts from. Developing and launching the app to the users are just the first steps but to keep users using your app you need to keep your updated from time to time. Users will take no time to switch to your competitor’s app if they found it with more updated features. Hence to retain your users and to keep them engaged update your app on a timely basis.


You may have developed an outstanding app and may have got many users initially but if your app fails to keep the users engaged in the perfect way, then sooner or later it will start losing its users. App’s engagement is the key factor which can break or make an app. Therefore it is very important for the developers to try every possible way to sustain its users. So which way you found the most effective?


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