How Can I Solve SSD Not Showing up Issue in Windows

By Yvonne

April 21, 2017 Technology No comments

As is well known, more and more persons choose an SSD as the data storage device since SSD has some outstanding merits including fast read-write speed, no noise, lower power consumption and more. However, have you experienced this situation: after connecting an SSD to your computer, SSD is not showing up in My Computer or Windows Explorer or Disk Management?

As a matter of fact, this issue is frequently asked by many users. You probably encounter that not only SSD but also the SD card, USB flash drive or external hard drive won’t show up. As long as you have such an issue, the partition as well as data on your SSD, USB drive or SD card is not accessed, which may bring many troubles with you. In this case, to fix this issue will be the first thing.

How Can I Solve SSD Not Showing up Issue in Windows

How to Fix SSD Not Showing up Issue

To solve such a problem, you should know which situation your SSD is in. Generally speaking, there are six cases. According to different cases, the solutions are different.

1. New SSD Not Showing up

If you connect a new SSD to your computer, this disk can’t be showing up in My Computer. After opening Windows Disk Management, you will find this SSD is not initialized and Windows will remind you to initialize it to MBR or GPT. Then after finishing disk initialization, you can create a new partition with the unallocated space. Then SSD can be used now.

2. SSD Partition Is Lost

If your SSD is not the new one and contains some partitions, but the SSD not showing up in My Computer issue appears, it is possible that the SSD partition is lost. In Disk Management, the missing partition shows “unallocated.” How can you recover lost partition as well as data? Please stop doing any operation to this partition until you get data back. For a full data recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition provides “Partition Recovery” feature. Just do as the step-by-step wizard shows.

3. SSD Partition Is Hidden

Also, it is likely that your SSD partition is hidden by a piece of third-party software so that you can’t access it in My Computer. In this case, please make this partition unhide. MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition enables you to do this work with its “Unhide Partition.” Then assign a drive letter for this partition so that it can show up in Windows Explorer.

4. Partition Letter Gets Missing

Sometimes the drive letter of your SSD partition will be missing due to some reasons. In Windows Disk Management, you can see this partition but can’t access data on it. So, please assign one letter for this partition with “Change Drive Letter and Paths…” feature of Disk Management.

5. SSD Partition Uses A Unsupported File System

If your SSD partition doesn’t use the typical file system, such as FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS, but use Ext2/3/4 or exFAT as the file system, SSD not showing up in My Computer issue will occur. Then you only format the partition to FAT32 or NTFS.

6. SSD Not Showing up in BIOS

If SSD not showing up in Disk Management issue appears, you should check whether it is also not recognized in BIOS. Please check it on Google Search to find the specific solutions.

In this post, we show you six different cases and the corresponding solutions. If you want to learn more information about this topic, check here to know how to fix “SSD Not Showing up” in Windows 10 without Data Loss. Hope it can be useful for you.

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