Hot Air Balloon Flight Experience in Cappadocia

By Yvonne

June 18, 2017 Travel No comments

Whether for the first time or not, we invite you to join us in this amazing and unbelievable adventure that will take you to the skies, the beautiful blue skies of eastern Turkey. You will have the unique chance to admire some of the most incredible landscapes in the world from high above the clouds or by gently floating past these magnificent sights of Cappadocia. Our Cappadocia hot air balloon tour will have its own share of thrills and excitement, with a 360 degrees view of one of the most beautiful areas of the country and the world.

Anyone can share this once in a lifetime experience and discover the pure joy of flying among an almost surreal landscape that you might only find in Cappadocia. This hot air balloon tour is designed so you get the best views from the sky, floating through the many idyllic valleys of the region, some of them with the unique fairy chimneys, others with impressive cave villages, above orchards and vineyards, sometimes past castles and sometimes past beautiful monasteries from the ancient times.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Cappadocia Town has one of the most valuable and unusual natural and cultural heritage in the whole of Turkey and even the world. The unique rock formations from the Devrent Imagination Valley or the cave dwellings and monasteries cut in rock at the Goreme Open Air Museum are just two of the breath-taking views you will gaze upon during this tour. We guarantee that you feel in a totally different world viewing these sights from high above and experiencing all the sensations that only flight can give you. If you booked Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul, you can add this hot air balloon tour to your itinerary with 30% discount.

Our standard hot air balloon tour of Cappadocia is open to everyone, offering an excellent value for money, with several hours of delight, discovering the amazing sights of the area. We will pick you up from your hotel really early in the morning in our luxury vehicles and we will transfer you to the launch site. Here, while you have a delicious breakfast, you can also watch the process of preparing the hot air balloon for flight, that usually only takes 15 minutes. We will begin our ascent above Cappadocia at the first ray of sunlight, bathing the landscape in magical colors and shapes. Rising to about 1000 feet, you will have the unforgettable chance to take all of the sheer beauty you see below, recording an image that will remain with you forever.

The hot air balloon will then slowly descend and float through the wonderful valleys, pass between incredible fairy chimneys and past cave dwellings cut into the rock. This is a great opportunity to take a lot of pictures or even videotape the journey. Upon landing, we will have gifts for all of our passengers. Such as award commemorative flight certificate and champagne toast service. The hot air balloon flight takes about one hour, while the whole adventure will last for about 2 hours. The standard hot air balloon tour of Cappadocia has a capacity of 8 to 16 passengers and it is a great option if you want to stay within a lower budget. For a longer and more intimate experience, we recommend our deluxe tour. All of our passengers are insured with Allianz Company (up to 30.000.000 €). When the Cappadocia hot air balloon tour ends, you will be transferred to your hotels in Cappadocia for free.

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