Home Decor: Five Ways to Redecorate Your Home for Summer

“If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you.” -Sarah Norwood

As the scorching sun blazes on, there is no absolute reason for your home decors to fizzle out. If anything, you should take the summer season as an opportunity to explore your home decorating options and maybe pop a little bit of color into your home or two. Let the summer season serve as an inspiration to the decors you incorporate into your homes and do away with stuffy formal decors and make room for interior palettes and casual tones. When it all comes down to it, home decorating for the summer is relatively easy, and you can do them as well! So, whether you are preparing your home in Solstice to look summer ready or are planning to throw a BBQ anytime soon, here are some useful summer decorating ideas:

Five Ways to Redecorate Your Home for Summer

1.) Use vibrant accents to add some color

Bring the summer into your home by utilizing colors that are definitive of summer. Vibrant colors such as yellow and orange would instantly bring a whole lot of cheery and summer vibes to any room. Use wall art, accessories such as pillow covers and little knick knacks in these colors to liven up your space. Do not overdo it though; you would not want any of your visitors to have their visions attacked by an overwhelming amount of orange or yellow.

2.) Have a reading nook

Considering it is the summer season, your kids will probably have a lot more free time in their hands. Instead of having them glue their eyes on tablets and phones during their downtimes, why not encourage them to read by placing a reading nook somewhere in your living room? It should be ideally positioned near the window so that you can take full advantage of the natural light. Make sure to put all of your books out on display.

3.) Add Plants

The summer heat can feel a bit stuffy, so it is best to add décor that would enhance the cool ambiance of your homes. Apart from contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal, plants also add an organic one. Consider planting succulents in shells and position them in various spots in your homes. They require little to no care at all and would last for a long time. Additionally, they add interest as well as character to any furniture they are placed atop of.

4.) Set a Dining Spot Outside

The warm weather and the bright sunlight are two great indicators that it might be a good idea to take your dinners outside the home. Apart from late afternoon picnics, your front porch and yard is an excellent place for dining. So, install a summer appropriate furniture set in your front yard or front porch and enjoy your meals together with your family and friends there.

5.) Light up the night

Summer nights are entirely something out of this world if you design your yards appropriately so. Instead of going all modern and digital, light up the night by stringing paper lanterns on tree branches or around an outdoor patio. This would make your late night gatherings and afternoon barbecues even more interesting and last well into the evening.

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