History Of Origins Wayang Kulit

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Origins – Wayang is an Indonesian performing arts are growing rapidly and has been recognized worldwide for its uniqueness. Just like Batik, UNESCO on 7 November 2003 also was named the puppet as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity or world heritage priceless masterpiece in the art of spoken native Indonesia. Art puppet show itself favored by all levels of society. Not only in Java, wayang kulit puppet now also familiar and often served at events around the world sacred. As for those of you who want to know what the history and origin of puppets and their progress to date, check out our exposure below!
Origins of Puppet In view of the existing historical, origin puppet deemed to have been present since 1500 years before Christ. Puppet born scholars Javanese ancestors in the past. At that time, estimated to be only puppets made of grass tied so that the shape is very simple. The play is performed in the ritual worship of the spirits of ancestors and traditional ceremonies in Java. In the next period, the use of other materials such as leather game or bark began working in puppet making. The shadow puppets oldest ever found dating from the 2nd century AD.

Puppet developments continue to occur. The stories are played also growing. As for the influx of Hinduism in Indonesia also have extended their repertoire of stories that are played in a puppet show. The story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana are two examples of stories that became a favorite at the time of Hinduism and Buddhism at that time.
Both epic is considered more attractive and has a unique story continuity so that the X to XV century AD, this is precisely what the two stories into the main story in any puppet show. A Java community on the art of puppet show at that time also affect the process of the spread of Islam in Java. Sunan Kalijaga for example, when he was preaching, he will hold a puppet show and play it to invite a lot of people came. In the show, he conveyed a message of moral and Islamic da’wah slowly for the majority of people who still embraced Hinduism and Buddhism was interested to know Islam more deeply.
Of its development, puppet shows also start accompanied with all the paraphernalia of traditional gamelan musical instruments and sinden. Both of these complementary presented Sunan Kalijaga to add a lively puppet show so it is more interesting to watch.
Puppet is now becoming known. Some types of puppets has also been developed to enrich the world puppetry. Some examples might include puppet show puppet, puppets, Puppet, Puppet Wood, Puppet, Puppet Grass, and Puppet Motekar. Well, that’s the history of the origin of puppets and development until now. Long enough not traveling puppet in the cultural life of the community accompany our ancestors? Therefore, let’s start right now we have to preserve this heritage to remain stable until the future of our grandchildren. May be useful.

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