Hire a Nashville commercial locksmith to prevent a burglary

Commercial burglary is a serious issue in the Nashville. Consider the facts – there is a burglary every 10 seconds in the country. $4.1 million dollars are lost every day, with businesses facing losses of $1.7 billion annually, all because of burglaries year after year.
What makes it worse is that only one in six burglaries ends in an arrest. Most burglary attempts are successful and manage to evade justice. The biggest targets of burglaries are small businesses, such as motels and convenience stores.
Most of the small businesses in the country have been targeted by burglars at some point. Believe it or not, many burglars even target the same business twice, or even three times! It’s so common that this is seen as one of the unavoidable occupational hazards of running a business – but it shouldn’t be.
So, how to prevent commercial burglary? Can it be prevented? Yes, certainly! Hire an experienced Nashville commercial locksmith. They will be able to help midsized businesses fortify their defenses against burglars and other criminal elements. Here are a few tips you should follow.
Install sturdy, powerful and durable locks
There is no substitute to hiring a commercial locksmith in Nashville to install a really strong, powerful and structurally solid locking system.

You should avoid installing locks that operate automatically. Dead bolt locks are very sturdy and safe as they can be set only by a key or a knob, you can’t open them by slipping a tiny piece of celluloid between the jamb and the door edge, which is what burglars do to open doors that lock automatically.
One of the options you could choose is a pin-cylinder dead bolt lock, which is extremely difficult to pick. Double cylinder dead bolt locks are even safer, and you should consider installing those in your store.
You should install such locks not only in the front door, but also for the rear entrances, as that’s where the burglars strike first. Also install bars over the skylights, windows and any openings.
Secure the safes

The safes should be strong, sturdy and powerful and should be bolted to the building. It is always better to empty the safe before closing shop for the night. There’s no point in leaving excess cash in the safe when the shop has been closed for the day; that would only tempt the burglar.
Have a burglar alarm system in place

Burglar alarms are one of the most effective means of protecting your commercial property in Nashville. There are different types of burglar alarms. There is the silent central station alarm system which alerts a private protection agency, unknown to the burglar.
Then you have the simple local alarm system which goes off with a bang and alerts everyone within the vicinity. There are other alarm systems that are based on invisible beams and radar motion detectors.
Maintain a strict control over the key distribution

As a Nashville business owner, you must strictly regulate the key distribution, and make sure that your employees turn in their keys to you when they leave the business. You can have a master key made that gives you access to all access points within the business, but make sure that you never lose sight of it at any cost.

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