Guide for Paying through Digital Wallet while shopping

By Yvonne

February 4, 2017 Shopping No comments

The popularity of digital wallets is escalating by the day and more number of people is using e-wallets to make payments at shopping stores. With demonetization, liquidity has gown down to a drastic level and since then e-wallets are on the move. Digital wallets make the whole buying and selling experience interesting and there is no involvement of any kind of cash. The popularity of e-wallets like Citrus Pay has increased manifold in recent time and people are getting more aware about uses and benefits of using an e-wallet. Here’s a perfect guide on how to pay through Digital Wallet while shopping



Download the app

The first and primary step for paying through digital wallet is to download the Citrus pay wallet. Once you download the app, you need to register on it with your number and email and you get eligible to make
online payment Citrus.

Pay through bar code

Making a digital payment for a shopping is quite easy but you can only make a payment where the digital wallet facility is available. Any retailer or merchant that needs to process payments through e-wallet can simply avail the service of Citrus pay Payment gateway offers. When you want to make payment at supermarket or to any retailer you simply need to tap your phone to read the bar code and pay instantly. The payment made will be swift and you will be able to manage your transactions without the cash.

Pay by number with online shopping

Digital wallets help you carry out a smooth transaction when paying online. With the help of Digital wallets you can minimize the usage of debit and credit cards and look to make secure transactions. While shopping online, you simply need to transfer money from your bank to your Citrus wallet and can avail best Citrus pay offer through cashback. Now you can pay for online transactions through wallet money and avail best Citrus Pay recharge offers. You can also pay at offline stores by directly crediting money into the wallet account of the individual. [/sociallocker]

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