Games to Play over Text

By Yvonne

August 29, 2016 Entertainment No comments

A well timed dosed is always good for new relationship and for this purpose you need to do something creative and unique. Nowadays technology is the most effective source for maintain relationships. Mobile phone help people to keep in touch with each other. If you are an employee then little conversation restore all your powers and you start working more efficiently. Games to Play over Text

Fun games is the perfect way to impress your girl. Such games give a boost to your relationship.  You can play these games whenever you are getting bored and have nothing new to share with your girlfriend. Read out some of the best games to play over text.

Reversed writing

Starting with the most interesting game Reversed writing. The excellent thing about the reverse writing is that both partner will start the conversation in the reverse order and the other partner will also reply in reverse order. The smart thing about this game is that no will understand it and you can keep on going your conversation. In the starting you will feel difficult to continue your conversation.

Guess the Object

Time to check the Intelligence level of your boyfriend. In the game you will select any of the object that you likes and forward it to your partner with some clues related to the object your partner has three chances to give the correct answer.

Questions Answer

Question answer session is the perfect game to play over text. Type five questions that you want to know about your new partner and forward him other question will answer only in the form of Yes or No.

Testing your Personality

If you just start dating with a new boyfriend game to play over text is the funniest way to know each other. By these games you can know each other what he likes or dislikes. Start the game with the daring question. This will give amazing start to your conversation.

Romantic Story

From the name it’s clear that romantic story is not ordinary kind of game this is the real test time of your new relationship. Start a romantic story with a single line your partner will all add more lines relevant to your relationship. Wait for your turn and add more things to the keep on going the story.


End your conversation with the most difficult and challenging game. To start game you need to inform your partner about rules of the games to make the game more interesting.  Sent your guy any abbreviation and your boyfriend has to guess the answer. If he fails to answer you will be the winner. For example “UN” If he answer United Nations he will win the game otherwise you will be the winner of game.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is the right way to know the secrets of your boyfriend. How many girlfriend he had in the past or any other question stuck in your mind. For starting the game define the rules and forward him a text with option to choose truth or dare. Once he chooses truth or dare ask the question. He has to answer the question. If he select dare ask him to send the proof of the dare. In this way the game keep on going.

These are some of the best games to play overt textwith your boyfriend it is the funniest way to know your partner more closely.

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