The Future of Digital Signage and a Few Major WordPress Themes to Try

By Yvonne

September 2, 2017 Technology No comments

Digital signage is widely used in marketing businesses in almost every industry, and the future digital displays look bright. We can expect digital signage to also include interactive media, optimum personalization, artificial intelligence, social media interactions, and augmented reality to enhance user engagement. The concept seems to be appealing not only to the large corporations but also to the small retail businesses. Overall, the digital signage sector is expected to grow up to about $24 billion by the end of this decade.

The growth of digital signage

Digital signage seems to have taken the world by storm by covering all the industries across the globe. Recently digital signage gained a higher momentum as the cost of the electronic and computer hardware dropped with the rise of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). It has now made it possible for the users to receive top-end computing services online.

We can now see that the demand for digital display signage has escalated to its peak with its ability to use any kind of media. Digital signage can be utilized to display HTML templates, pictures, slide shows, websites, audio, text, or a fine mix of all these at high fidelity to ensure rich media experience and optimum engagement. Signage was traditionally used for information sharing, but with the advancement of internet and smart electronic gadgets, the usage of digital signage has begun to peak.

Creating interactive platforms

Digital signage systems are now used in creating interactive and rich media platforms through which people can be engaged more with brand advertisements. The new-age technologies like DOOH and POS work in tandem with digital signage to create a broad range of branding and marketing opportunities.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the possibility of digital signage’s future in the next 5 to 10 years’ time.

Personalization – This is a sure-shot development in digital signage with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. You may find signs greeting you by name upon visiting a shopping mall or restaurant, and the digital display may personally assist you with proper navigation. Your previous purchase history and preferences will also be fetched to give you insights about what is available for you.

Social media networking – Social media interactions will not just be left to the handheld devices, but you will also be able to be in touch with social media feeds seamlessly through digital signage. Signage displays can also recognize faces and respond to voice commands to pull data and sync with social media profiles if you give permission. Businesses can leverage it to customize information which individuals store on social media and let the system automatically identify your preferences and act accordingly.

Augmented reality – AR is another much possible advancement in the future of digital signs, in which the digital sensors will recognize your key personal features to let you enter the car or open doors for you. The music of your choice will then be played automatically. Digital displays will selectively show the commercials for adults and special ones for children. You will be updated with the soccer score if you are a football enthusiast and the screen next to you will be showing stock market status if you are a trader.

Sensors – The digital signage TV displays will work in tandem with your smart phone or wearable gadget to custom decide the meal which is ideal for you or the most suitable attire for your events. These apps, in conjunction with the display sensors, will calculate your needs to near perfection and share the same with you.

Shape when the iron is hot

This overview is nothing but a sample preview of the future of display signs as technology moves at a faster pace than we can imagine. Digital TV screens have now started to connect with the internet of things and act accordingly to the situation. The world is changing significantly, and digital displays will not be left behind as the future is already here in terms of personalization and optimum interactivity.

WordPress in digital signage

Being the most popular and flexible CMS platform for web development, WordPress is now adopted by many in terms of digital signage making also. There are many plugins and themes available on this platform for you to use for digital signage content creation, customization, and scheduling. Let’s explore a few of the top ones.

Catch Box by Catch Themes – This is a lightweight, box-shaped theme for digital signage professionals who want to experiment. You can display scrolling ads, images, and create various types of personalized layouts for digital signage WordPress sites using this theme.

Newszine by OCEANWEB – This is primarily a news site theme which can be easily used for creating a digital signage website too. Most of the digital displays focus on sharing the latest news alerts, weather, and other community updates, for which Newszine is a perfect choice.

EasyMag by Daisy Themes – It is a lightweight, yet powerful theme, designed for magazines and news. Retail is a Bootstrap theme and ensures 100 percent responsive results. The theme is ideal for hosting ideas, signage samples, and custom templates.

Super Mag by Acme themes – This is ideal for content rich sites which also need top-quality images and videos to display. It is an ideal theme for all sorts of digital signage WordPress websites aiming at future.

Viral Lite by Sophy – It is another lighter WordPress theme for those who like to venture into the outdoor digital advertising. It is a powerful and fresh theme for hosting images, videos, texts of various sizes and will work marvelously in sharing high-quality content.

Tidy by – It is a cool template for WP sites for business. The major attraction of this theme is simplicity. There are options for custom menus and galleries and so on. If you are a digital signage service provider, this theme can allow your client advertisers to select signage templates according to their needs.

The subtitle above as strike when the iron is hot is as critical in terms of digital signage as this technology is still at its nascent stage and you have an enormous scope out of it to explore.

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