Explore These Wonderful Gifts For Your Dad

By Yvonne

March 22, 2017 Shopping No comments

Dad has never wanted anything from you, he just gave away all he had. All your desires of toys, bikes, shirts, learning courses, etc. have been fulfilled by him. He may be a strict one at times but he is also liberal when you want a night outing with your friends. On the upcoming Father’s Day on 18th June 2017, you can bring in these unique father’s day gifts.


Funky personalized book marks: You can make funky personalized bookmarks for your dad. Bring in some soft card boards, colored papers, sketch pens, and colored strings or ribbons. Apply your creativity in sketching something for him. Also write a line or two for him and then make a hole at the top to insert the string. You can leave your love note for him on that bookmark or write something that truly defines him.

Vacuum beard trimmer: The new age machine to get the beards and moustache in shape is a charming and useful father’s day gift. Unlike the razors, this machine doesn’t hurt much while facial trimming is done. A rechargeable battery is the prime USP of this meaningful gift and one can use it in cordless manner for at least an hour.

Cool glasses: He must be wearing a spectacle for over 5 years now! Dads are like that only or they may think that they have crosses that age when improvising with style is passé. Offer him some really cool glasses with interesting frames and make him happy. He would be surprised for sure.

Automatic coffee machine: All he needs to do is pour coffee beans and enjoy unlimited coffee. You would get many trendy and sleek coffee machines in online shops. A coffee machine is surely going to be admired by your dad.

Digital Camera: If your dad has the knack of clicking photographs, this is the best father’s day gift for sure. Capturing fleeting moments and making them still is an art and he would be really happy to get a tool with which memories can be built.

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