Enterprise architecture- the structural and operational blue print of the company

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The enterprise architecture means the building and other physical structure of the company and it determine the how the company attain the objectives of the enterprise. The enterprise architecture decides how the company will formulate the planning and strategy to compete with the rivals. The proper planning and execution is necessary steps for the success of any enterprise. Enterprise architects are responsible for performing the analysis of the business structure and decide how the analysis will help to attain the goals of the organization. Enterprise architecture is the best way how to analysis the structure of the business in order to attain the goal and objectives of the enterprise.Enterprise-Architecture-1

Scope of the enterprise architecture

Enterprise IT designs– The scope of the enterprise architecture is not limited under the four walls. It act as the support between the IT and business concern. The main purpose of the enterprise architecture is to provide the proper management system which help to attain the organizational goals. The proper guiding help to execute the process of planning and design the IT capabilities of the enterprise which further help to attain the objectives of the company.

Enterprise integrating– According to this the enterprise architecture is aim at to achieve the relation between the concern of the enterprise like IT, HR, Operational which help in strategy formulation and execution.

Enterprise ecological adaptation- The enterprise architecture is mainly aim at improving the learning capabilities of the company. The great focus on to improve the behaviors of the particular person which help the whole enterprise automatically and to be innovating with the environments.

Benefits of the enterprise architecture

IT risk managements- The main purpose of the enterprise architecture to reduce the risk factors by doing the proper management of all the factors which leads to the business failure.

IT openness- The EA contribute to explore the IT and increased the capabilities of the data for regulatory compliance with the bringing the transparency in the infrastructure changes.

IT complexity – EA help lots to decrease the complexity process, consolidation of data and application for the better and smooth running of the business.

System development- Enterprise architecture contrite to optimal system design and efficient allocation of the resources which help in achieve the objectives more easily.

Organizational design– EA provided the full support to improving and developing the more superior

Project portfolio managements- EA offer the various investor seekers to take interest in the projects and invest.

Project management – EA provide the better communication among the stakeholder which help in the smooth running of the business.

IT managements and decision making- EA contribute and help in decision making of the IT and allow the IT to run smoothly.

Requirements engineering- The EA boosts the speed of the elicitation by publishing the documentation.

Organizational processes and process standard– ES help to force the standard and maintain the discipline and enable process consolidation, reuse and integration.

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