Easy And Effective Ways To Clean Your Acrylic Furniture And Accessories

By Yvonne

February 19, 2017 Home Improvement No comments

Acrylic is the perfect mix of modern and sophisticated that looks great in every decor and adds light to a room. But the main question arises how to keep them in its pristine condition? How to best clean the acrylic furniture and keep them free of any scratches? Acrylic furniture can easily get scratched on the surface with the use of scrubbers and harsh cleaners. Some cleaners can even produce small scratches giving your furniture a cloudy look. It is hard to undo the damage once it has been done but you can surely prevent it from worsening.


First things first, as acrylic is similar in appearance to glass, you may think of using a glass cleaner. Don’t do it. It will deteriorate the condition of your acrylic over time, causing it to look cloudy. Make sure you are not using any dirty cloth as it will scratch the surface.

In this blog, will be discussing about the easy yet effective ways to clean your acrylic furniture and accessories.

1. Be Gentle

Make sure while cleaning you aren’t placing any metal or hard edged object on top of your furniture. If you are placing such an item over it, feel the pads of underside of the piece. Prevent the delicate surfaces of your acrylic furniture from getting scraped. Remember not to drag anything across it rather lift up the item before putting it down.

2. A Clean Cloth

Never use a cloth that has been just lying around. You need a clean, non-abrasive and highly absorbent cloth. Look for a cloth that is made from ultra fine fibers. Many people suggest of using soap and water to clean it but stay away from them. Try out polish or cleaning solutions that has the properties to protect a variety of plastics. That would be the right choice for your acrylic furniture.

3. Cover up

Take extra care of your acrylic accessories when storing them. Treat them as carefully as you would of a high-quality furniture of yours. Make sure that you are covering the object with a sheet or a soft fabric. Place them in a climate controlled and shaded area for best protection. This will ensure that the item would be in a good condition when you will reach for it again.

4. Stay Away from Ammonia

Never take the help of ammonia in cleaning your acrylic furniture or accessories, ever! The compound of nitrogen and hydrogen is not at all good for acrylics and will cause your acrylic become cloudy. The cloudy result of ammonia is something that you won’t be able to reverse.

5. Beware of Chemicals and Solvents

Acrylic is easy to get scratched, so don’t use any chemical cleaners or scouring compounds in cleaning them. Do not use the glass cleaners even if they are organic, unscented or environmental friendly, just simply stay away from them. If anything ever sticks to the surface of your acrylic accessory such as a gummy substance, always keep in mind to never use any type of solvents. Scratches do happens, but you don’t have to worry as you can easily get them out with plastic cleaners.

These are some of the easy and effective means to clean your acrylic furniture and bring them back into their pristine and shiny appearance.

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