Clash Royale : How to get Legendary Cards

By Yvonne

September 27, 2017 Games No comments

The legendary cards are not necessary in a card to come to the range Legend, but always it helps. The majority of the covers of the top world take generally a letter of this class, so it will come an epoch in which you need to move forward to obtain legendary cards.

To obtain them is easy, but it is not impossible. You have to play very much and to open them you touch many chests. We are going to have a series of advices in order that the legendary letters have in his collection.

Tips for win legendary cards in the Clash Royale

1-The first advice and one of most complicated in the legendary purchase sand. We say that it is complicated, not how to buy (you are in the shop) if not to come to this sand. These cards cost much more than the majority than the letters if you are thinking about the saving. The cards also will be available every day, but they are in the habit of going out with an acceptable frequency. If you are one of that they think that it has come to the legendary sand lucky, later, to wait a few days without playing. Hereby it will not lose drinks up to the legendary card that he wishes in the shop.

2-Guard all the coins that fall down in his hands. The histories that touch legendary accounts in the boxes gratis. Still I have not seen it with my own eyes, I me understand that the probability is very low. Nevertheless, when you obtain the legendary sand it will need that you buy in the strong box of the shop. So it saves for when there comes the moment to spend this quantity and to obtain legendary letters.

3-Another advice is that if you buy gems, the chests of silver are opened. The idea is to spend the gems to open the arks to have hollow silver for gold, giant, magic, super magic or legendarychests. Hereby a great quantity of chests will be opened where there exists the possibility of which the legendary touch, leaving space for other types of more expensive coffins.

4-Do not get lost the drinks on purpose and to go down sand. And you would be notified in the game, but it would call us to the mind. It is better to advance in the game and more trophies obtain that to remain caught in a certain scene to achieve that the legendary ones so much he pleases. Of you really it does not cost a sorrow. The best way is to support the legendary sand and to obtain the legendary one of the shop.

Before buying the legendary one, think if he needs his cover or has to construct the new one. In general they are very good letters in comparison with others of the same cost of elixir, as Chispitas, but we must use them.

If you are lucky to have one in your hands, you have to learn to use. Do not think that on having stopped to go in the field you are going to do to gain the game. You have to play with him, to learn his times and to know what the letters that he will promote and that will be offset. Always practise with his companions members of the clan or friends to prove new covers and not to lose glasses in the process.

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