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Today’s local market is flooded with various types of drugs that consumer wishes to buy over-the-counter (OTC) but not all are safe and many come with hidden danger to health and are counterintuitive. The Digital Age that we are in, gives us access to information freely and quickly. It hardly takes time to dig out data in case there is something you are unsure about. But the fast moving consumer society sometimes falls prey to the drug related moral panic that is on the rise these days due to lack of proper knowledge on the drug and thereby its side effects.


Establishment of Phentramin-D


Phentramin-D is a non-prescriptive OTC weight loss pillwhich is a substitute for the ethical drug Phentermine otherwise known as phentermine hydrochloride. Over-the-counter Phentramin D is manufactured by Lazarus Labs, a company which is operating without any black marks since 2003 and is marketed as a fat burner and appetite suppressant.




The counter alternative drug constitutes high quality pharmaceutical grade chemical compound which is sold as a proprietary medicine by the manufacturer. The main ingredient of Phentramin-D is a sympathomimetic amine called Methyl-Phenylethylamine and Synephrine Hydrochloride. In general they aid in faster digestion leading to more fat burn and also help to suppress the yearning to eat more thereby allowing you to eat smaller portion of food. Boost of energy is also an outcome on the drug being administered in your system.


Each tablet provides 222mg of a proprietary blend of all the above ingredients. Others are Yohimbine HCL, Hordenine and Synephrine. Yohimbine HCL almost zero’s your body fat level and specifically targets the stored up fat for the release of energy. Hordenine is the stimulant that affects the Central Nervous System and it works best in tandem with Phenylethylamine to produce a feeling of intense happiness and joyfulness, much needed for someone who follows a strict timeline to reduce weight. Synephrine is an alkaloid, also known as bitter orange helps in reducing the appetite.


How to use


1 tablet / capsule with 8oz of water can be used 20 minutes before breakfast.

1 tablet / capsule with 8oz water can be used 20 minutes before lunch.


Exclaimer: Do not exceed 4 tablets or capsules within a 24 hour period.


Side Effects


The drug comes with its health warnings if used improperly in terms of dosage. As such online reviews have not flagged them as dangerous supplement unsuitable for use but proper research before use is advisable. The manufacturing company has ensured all safe compounds so as not to be harmful to the consumer. But there’s always a small risk element attached to every drug. It depends from person to person. Consumers with previous ailments with the use of other drugs already in his body are strictly prohibited from using Phentramin-D. There might be a chance of a drug reaction in his body. One can always refer a physician before use.


But for others who have used it and are quite happy about Phentramin-D, challenges other to use this OTC medicine which is easy, safe and effective.













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