Checkout Some Awesome Small Gifts with a Big Heart

By Yvonne

February 24, 2017 Shopping No comments

The size of the gift is not so important but intention of the gift has to be clear. Using very small things and simple techniques, you can create some wonderful gifts for surprising your sweetheart on any special day. Just by adding a small love quote over a coffee mug or t-shirt makes the personalized gift so much special – isn’t it? Here are some tips which you can apply to make your gift a loving one with some simple things easily available at your home. It would save some money!

personalized gift

Wreath of Tea Bags:

This one is specifically for the tea lovers. You have to get some flavored tea bags like jasmine, basil, chamomile, honey and ginger, etc. Use ice-cream sticks and hard cardboard for this purpose. You have to first paint the ice-cream sticks and cardboard with colored pens or simply cover these with printed art papers. Now, glue the tea bags on the sticks. Cut the card board into circular shape and in a circular shape place the tea bags with sticks. Your wreath is ready. You can present any tea lover this great gift or keep it in your home to surprise the guests.


Style up the Umbrella with Polka:

Polka dot style can never go out of fashion. Buy a normal black colored umbrella and spice it up with polka dots of your friend’s favorite color. This would be really an endearing gift for a girl. Get one polka dot knee length dress along with this cute personalized gift for her. You may use the polka dots to write her over the umbrella.


Hand Embroidered Shower Curtain:

If you are into a bit of stitching, a boring shower curtain can be turned into a beautiful one. Get a white shower curtain, medium gauge yarn of desired colors, (cotton Hemp yarn works well for this project), large yarn needle, and graph paper. You have to draw some geometric shapes or any design of your choice over the graph paper. Now outline the designs by stitching with yarns. Now you have to transfer the designs over the curtain with a disappearing ink pen. And then you have to stitch the curtain with colorful yarns.


Confetti Napkins:

Just buy normal napkins of various colors from market and get some cardboards, and fabric paints of your desired colors. Make designs over the cardboard and cut it out so that it can be used just the way stencils are used. Make designs of flower, butterfly, stars, fish, or anything you would love to see on a napkin. Now place the designed cardboard over napkins and apply fabric paint. Let it dry and your confetti napkins is ready to be gifted.


Heart-Shaped Pot Holders:

For your mom or wife or girlfriend, you can get this really cute heart shaped potholders. You can seek help of professional tailors because this one would require quite some nice stitching techniques. As a Valentine gift, this would be thoughtful. Inscribe her name in the center to send this personalized gift to Dubai on the occasion of love.

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