Causes and Symptoms of E. coli Intestine Infection

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E. coli has been defined as a type of bacteria that is commonly found inside intestines of human beings as well as other animals. Not all bacteria are harmful for our body. There are some good bacteria, while there are some bad bacteria. E. Coli 0157:H7 has been recognized as harmful bacteria that can cause intestine infection. Intestine infection can lead to various kinds of physical complications. Right from digestive problem to loss of appetite, different kinds of diseases can happen due to infection due to E. coli bacteria.

Intestine infection comes with a few obvious as well as unique symptoms. Major symptoms due to E. coli infection are abdominal pain, diarrhea, high fever, abdominal pain, etc. The symptoms could be extreme and highly concerning in some cases. Some extreme symptoms could be bloody diarrhea, kidney failure, liver malfunction, dehydration, etc. Mainly pregnant women, toddlers and older adults are vulnerable to such extreme disorders due to E. coli intestinal infection.E. coli infection can be caused due to various reasons. Eating non-edible foods or stale foods, drinking non-purified water, etc. are considered as common causes behind intestinal infection.
E. coli Infection Symptoms
As discussed above, E. coli infection can have various kinds of symptoms. It causes abdominal infection and thus we experience troubles with our digestive system. Diarrhea is a common aftermath or symptom of E. coli infection. Due to diarrhea, one can also face dehydration problems as well. In extremely conditions, you shall experience blood flow with stool. Unbearable abdominal pain can also be experienced in such cases. Generally, abdominal pain is also considered as common symptom of intestinal infection due to E. coli. Here are some other symptoms, listed for you:
• Watery diarrhea leading to blood with stool
• Dehydration
• Vomiting tendencies
• Loss of appetite
• Heartburn or acidity
• Abdominal pain – mild or severe
• Fever
• Physical fatigue
These are considered as common and general symptoms of infection due to E. coli. In some rare cases, a few more symptoms have been noted. Those symptoms are:
• Pale skin
• Decrease urine
• Unusual physical fatigue
• Blood with urine
• Bruising
Causes of E. coli Infection
Generally, it has been found that E. coli bacteria already live inside our intestine. Straining these bacteria can cause the real danger. Here are some of the causes for E. coli infection have been listed:
Improper Food Handling: before taking a meal, we need to develop some good etiquette. A few habits are important. For example, it is important to wash hands properly before taking foods. It is also important to keep the foods properly covered till when you consume. You must use fresh and properly washed utensils for cooking.
Contaminated Water: Intestine infection has been majorly recognized as water borne disease. Drinking contaminated water can cause intestine infection due to E. coli bacteria.
Animals: People, who have domestic animals, are considered as vulnerable to such infections. Maintaining proper hygiene is the key in such cases.
E. coli can generally be treated with over the counter medicines. With the advent of time, the symptoms become feeble and you get healed. However, in extreme conditions, you must contact a good physician to seek proper medications. Read more  maltose binding protein .

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