Can dogs take ibuprofen for pain?

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December 23, 2016 Animal Health No comments

Dogs and humans

Dogs are a good friend of humans from a long time. In old ages, dogs were used as guards, and they were in hundreds in thehome. They protected humans from this, other animals for decades. Now as the world has totally changed and everything is modifying, then therelation of humans and dogs is also changing with time. Now dogs are only used as friends and pets. People love them, and dogs like to around their masters. While playing, running or jumping dogs get their muscles pulled and also muscle stretches sometimes. For that purpose, some people think that can dog take ibuprofen for pain? Well yes, they can, but you have to take care of some things first.

Pet Dogs are sensitive

Pet dogs are very sensitive, and as compared to street dogs pet dogs are very sensitive, and they get their self into trouble easily. While playing with other dogs in the street or while playing in adirtyplace, they get bacteria and get sick. They might suffer from pain because of this, and you can give them ibuprofen. If your dog is in pain then stop thinking can dogs take ibuprofen for pain? Just give him, but you need to take care of something first.


Ask a doctor about dosage

Well, we cannot tell you exact amount of ibuprofen you should give. Because themedicine is made for humans and it is certified drug for killing the harmonies that produce pain. It is effective for dogs but how much? Doctors know better, and they can tell you much better if you will tell them the exact condition of your dogs. Some dogs are small and skinny; some are big with thegood healthy body. Everybody has different functions in it, and ibuprofen will work differently on every kind of dog so you should ask a doctor before using it or visit for more details.

Take your dog to the doctor

If ibuprofen does not work and your dog is still suffering from pain, then you must not rely on a thing that can dog take ibuprofen for pain. You have to take him to the doctor as soon as possible because it might get worse if you would not take him to the doctor. Pet doctors can take good care of your dog, and he can treat him very well. There you can ask him about the ibuprofen and its usage, and if your dog again suffers from any pain, then you can give him ibuprofen. Your dog only has to take care of him so you should take good care of him. Do not make him run fast and do not let him play outside in dirt because that can be harmful. You need to give him showers properly and on a weekly basis.

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