BOL TV LIVE is back again with more robust network

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BOL TV Live is again back on the television screens of Pakistan. After a bogus scandal, they are back with the more robust system. The resources of BOL media group is much vast now.

The bogus scandal for AXACT and BOL Live:

The AXACT was the leading IT company in Pakistan. Within a few time, they increased the IT exports of Pakistan up to 65%. This thing was not acceptable to other media groups. That’s why they created a spam scandal for the AXACT company to decrease their popularity.

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh proved himself innocent in 2015. After that, he wants to start the BOL TV Live again with his full resources. Now, he is again back with his more resources to give you the best news, entertainment, education, publications channels in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Largest Media Infrastructure, BOL TV LIVE:

BOL media group has the finest team from others. All the experienced person that were working in other media groups are now in BOL TV LIVE. The network of BOL is now available in all the famous and big cities of Pakistan.

Bol Tv Live

Moreover, they have the best infrastructure from all the other media groups. The staff is also highly qualified. They are giving them a luxurious living lifestyle. The wages are also high from all the groups. Provide best facilities to their team members is also a good initiative by them.

More services of BOL media group:

Besides BOL TV LIVE, they are also giving many other services to people of Pakistan and for the world. Some of the services are:

  • BOL Live Entertainment: they are providing entertainment news to the people. They are giving high-quality content to users. They are also showing Pakistani culture on it to tell other about the culture and heritage of Pakistan.
  • BOL Theatre: all the new about cinemas in Pakistan will be available here. If you desire to watch any new movie in Pakistan, you can check from here. They are providing the best theater service to people in Pakistan.
  • BOL LIVE Sports: the best thing in Pakistan is sports. People always love to watch sports. BOL sports will give you all the sports news.
  • BOL Movies: from this channel, you will get all the news about movies. Fact about old movies as well as new movies fact will be readily available here.
  • BOL LIVE Radio: radio channel is on the way also. The old people love to listen to radio, and that wants all the people wants in their free time.
  • BOL Education: the best step taken by this group is education initiative. They are focusing on the education of kids. For this purpose, they are starting a website and channel also.

A good initiative towards transport:

BOL media group is also improving the transportation facilities in Pakistan. They are upgrading 20,000 plus vehicles in different cities of Pakistan. Now, people are moving in a luxurious way in Pakistan. The concept of waiting outside a station is no more now. Transport services are readily available in all the cities of Pakistan. This service includes buses, vans and many other small vehicles for public transportation

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