Best Options for Gifting Flowers with a Fragrance

By Yvonne

November 11, 2017 Entertainment No comments

Flowers are perhaps the most wonderful and elegant way of expressing your feelings. You can be as formal or personal as you like just by choosing the right flowers and the arrangement. Flowers add much more than beauty to space, if you choose to give flowers with a scent, they can leave behind a wonderful sweet natural fragrance that underlines the thought behind the gift. Read on to know more about the best fragrant flowers that you can gift:


The hyacinth bloom is very well known among flower enthusiasts and gardeners for its earthy, sweet, and strong scent. The scent is actually so heavy that it tends to deter pests and animals that may be otherwise tempted for its brightly colored petals. You can ask your florist to make a flower arrangement comprising of only hyacinths or include them with other flowers in the bouquet.


If you want to gift a flower that is both very colorful and has a really fruit fragrance, then you would be hard put to name an alternative to the freesia. The extremely beautiful flowers are very popular in Europe due to its rich aroma that is almost similar to the aroma of wines. Floral arrangements look really lovely because freesias come in a variety of colors like golden yellow, white, orange, mauve, red, pink, purple as well as bi-colors that are the top choice for flower delivery Germany at many online florists.


Unarguably the world’s most favorite flower, roses have always been a top choice for gifting especially for people in love. Apart from a color palette that is exquisite and absolutely perfect for assembling into bouquets or other floral arrangements for varied occasions, roses are also blessed with a heavenly fragrance that cannot help but bowl over people. So universally liked is the fragrance of the rose that its essence makes up the base for innumerable perfumes as well as food additives.

A seasonal flower that blooms only between April and June, peonies exude timeless beauty and feminine charm making them ideal for gifting on just about any social occasion, including weddings. They go very well on their own or when included in an arrangement with roses or lilacs, for example. Peonies are not only loved for their delicate beauty but also for their lovely fragrance that can fill your senses with the fresh smell of the meadow gardens.

Sweet Pea

The sweet pea flower is a big favorite with people who love and understand flowers. It is always very high on the list of suggestions of florists for both its lovely looks and a wholesome yet light aroma that goes very well in arrangements with other fragrant flowers. The scent of the sweet pea is commonly extracted and used in various perfumes and body care products.


For people who want flowers that smell as lovely as they look, lilies have long been a must-have. Available in multiple colors, lilies are just perfect for any occasion where you want to convey your good cheer to the recipient. Their beautiful presence in a floral arrangement is underlined with an extremely exotic and enticing scent that lifts up the mood of everyone within reach.


When you really want to impress a loved one with your fine sensibilities, opt for flowers that are great to look at and also make a lovely statement with their fragrance. The flowers described above are absolutely ideal choices that any recipient would love to have.

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