Best Gaming Headset Under 50$

By Yvonne

March 26, 2017 Technology No comments

Why do they want us to spend more than what we really need?

Do you know what is surprising about our 5 senses?

That when our survival depends on them, they become sharper, work better as a team and offer us a competitive advantage like no other system! And YES, this goes for gaming too.

Let’s accept it! How many times have we been about to break our record in Call of duty / Black Ops II or about to kill other squad around the world and the tone of the phone distracted us and we lost the advantage or even our virtual life? Are we in agreement up to here?


I’m sure you will all acknowledge as I do when I say that one of the parts that I enjoy the most when playing video games is the feeling of isolation. Only good quality headsets will make sure that nobody gets into “my world”.

Do you want to find out how to achieve this not breaking the bank account?

Well, in my experience a good pair of headsets that allow you to isolate yourself from the rest of the “real world” will not only allow you to get fully immerse in the sensations of the game but also support your other senses. You can concentrate better, see with fewer distractions and even see the movements of your enemy crystal clear. And yes! I have bought several under 50$.

In this article I will give you all the information I have on this subject, which is as much as the headsets that I have come to test so, with a budget in mind you can choose the one that best suits your needs and that your purchase is, no doubt, an upgrade for your video game experience.

From comfort to strength and endurance, I am convinced that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to get the perfect combination! Sure there are some people that don’t like gaming headsets, because they think of it as a lesser quality headphones. That may be true if you are looking to work in a music studio, producing for Jay Z. For us gamers, headsets are a complete package, and without further ado. Here is my TOP FIVE.

Logitech G430

My beloved G430, just in line with what has been suggested and the one that has given me more hours of pleasure, the space is enough not to push your ears, long cable, very good padding, its sound quality is not distorted at high frequencies and our budget is more than insured here, this has always been my favorite when travelling!

HyperX Cloud Stinger

I think this is one of the most rad in terms of style, what has prevented me from using it for more hours, is that in this case you will actually find distortion when you raise volume levels and the upside on style must pay the Price with rigidity. The on-ear audio is intuitive and easy to use. Still great quality, awesome price as you can get it for even under 40USD.

Sades A60

Speaking of intimidating the enemy, with this design we are certainly ready to annihilate our opponent, I personally do not mind the fact that it only comes with a USB port so you will have to carry the cable to the entrance USB port on your console. But as far as sound is concerned, my most accurate words are clarity and definition. Was dinner ready?? When??

Kotion Each G1000

This is the model that I would come to when it is all about the personalization I talked about just above, this microphone is going to stay where you put it. Sound controls are located on the left side of the hearing aids, which translates into better maneuverability, plus it looks AWESOME! And I was always able to keep it on for long periods of times.

Kotion Each G2000

Much more comfort and better quality in the sound compared to previous versions, the microphone is so well incorporated to the equipment that its movement is “transmitted” and every time you adjust it you will end up listening to this movement which although very brief, I found was distracting. It has the possibility of lighting its lateral sides giving it an appearance that always seemed cool. Difference in pricing is just around 10 bucks!

A few gamer tips to finish:

  1. Make sure that your headset has enough space for your ear, your ears should be surrounded, not pressed because in a few moments you will feel a lot of discomfort.
  2. The theory of relativity is more accurate than ever when it comes to weight loading, make sure they are lightweight because at first they will all seem similar and light but over time the heavier can become the cause of your distraction.
  3. Adaptability, unlike the stiffness that is also important for the bow of your headset, make sure that the headphones can be adjusted to extend or retract so that you can customize them and that they remain as a tailored suit. That’s right, so keeps your hands OFF my headset please!
  4. Do not forget to check the durability of the joints, at first all seem to provide the same resistance but over time a microphone that constantly moves away from the position where you need is very annoying and I have personally discarded one or two based on this.
  5. Length and thickness of the cable, although they are similar to each other, you should make sure of acquiring the longest ones, not only to be able to preserve a distance that protects your vision of an unnecessary wear but also because this usually is the part of the headset that more movement will have to resist and therefore it can become to the heel of Achilles of your headset.

In conclusion you definitely do not need to spend a fortune on a decent pair of headsets to bring your video game experience to the next level, I still have some of these models and they have provided me hours and hours of satisfaction.

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