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By Yvonne

January 14, 2017 Fitness and Beauty No comments

Being aware of your health and fitness is an incredibly important aspect of modern life, especially with all the hardships we have to go through that can be potentially detrimental to our health. Long working hours, stress and overly processed fast food are just some of the things that can significantly affect our wellbeing, and a lot of people are becoming very aware of this and turning to healthy diets and exercise. Fitness is slowly making its way back into popular culture, so there’s really no better time for you to develop some new, healthy exercise habits. It will take some willpower and some discipline, but the end result is definitely worth it, as you’re certain to feel less pain, have more energy and even be more optimistic about life when you’re living in a healthy body.

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful exercise routine is documenting your progress, so you can keep altering the routine as you get stronger and constantly push yourself to your limits in order to overcome them. Workout apps that you can install on your smartphone can be a big help here. Not only can these apps aid you in documenting your workouts, but some of them also provide important nutritional information and tutorials about entire exercise routines. There are a lot of amazing apps out there that you can use to monitor your workout, and today we’re going to give you a few examples of apps you can try right now, for free.

Word of caution: Take care when inputting personal information into a fitness app, as most of them are not that secure and are therefore vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s best to use a mobile security app or a mobile virtual private network app when inputting this information, so you can make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.



FitStar Personal Trainer
If you’re just starting out, you probably aren’t going to have a lot of workout equipment, and a lot of tutorials on the Internet already require you to have a set of dumbbells, barbells, a kettlebell and who knows what else. This can all be a bit discouraging and demotivating, which is why FitStar is the perfect app for the beginner athlete, as the exercises it provides don’t require any fancy gear whatsoever. FitStar breaks down your workout program into four categories: “get lean” (which is mostly cardio), “get strong” (strength-training with your bodyweight), “daily dose” (short all-around workouts lasting for 10-15 minutes that work your entire body) as well as “freestyle”. The app allows you to customize your workouts to great extent, so no matter how fit you currently are, FitStar can ease you into it gently, without crushing your motivation with workouts that are far too challenging for a beginner.


Much more than just a fitness app, Blogilates is an online YouTube pilates school run by Cassey Ho, featuring hundreds of diverse and very helpful videos guiding you through challenging pilates exercises. The app itself is well organized and really nicely designed, so you can learn to use it even if you have no previous experience with fitness apps. Most of the workouts take around 45 minutes and are specific to body parts, and thanks to Cassey’s monthly calendars, you get a diverse workout routine each month to turn your body into a fitness machine.

This app has a single goal in mind, suggested by its very name: to turn you from a couch potato to a 5k runner in only eight weeks. If you lack general cardio endurance, this is definitely an app that you should check out as soon as possible. Couch25K will attempt to get you going slowly with a realistic workout schedule that even the busiest person can find the time and energy for, and thus start working on improving their strength and stamina in the long run. Couch25K comes in two versions, a free one and Pro which you can get for $2.99, and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

With Jefit you can create completely custom workout routines to match your current level of fitness and effectively track your workout progress by recording your reps, the weight, the total time of your workouts etc. It’s truly a powerhouse of an app with enough information and enough customizability to satisfy even the most diligent of athletes. There are over 1300 exercises within the app itself, and some two-thousand additional routines created by Jefit’s community.

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