Best exercises to get in shape

Giving shape to the body is very important as it can be included in grooming the personality. It is same as important as the face of a person. If your face is attractive, you became a lucky same goes to the body. Moreover, some actors and actress use different exercise and some technologies to give shape to the body. Some of the exercises which helps you to reduce weight and give shape to the body without steroids and weight loss pills are discussed as under:


This is one of the best exercises to reduce belly bring chest in front and make bigger and stronger arm muscles.


Make sure your hands placed directly under your shoulders.

Place your feet hip-width separately.

Balance to your body.

Keep your neck not stretched and keeps it neutral, keeping your neck in line with your shoulders.

Keep your elbow and arms close to your body as you lower.


Let your stick up or butt sag.

Keep your head up.

Let your shoulders to move towards your ears.

Single-Leg Deadlift

This is also one of the best exercises that can give a shape to the body and also helpful in reducing back pain and weight without steroids and weight loss pills.

Clutch a pair of dumbbells and stand with your left foot. Moreover, bend your right foot behind you by bending your knee too, in this way you will get parallel right lower leg touch to the floor. Now slightly and slowly bend forward with hip and make your body, lower slowly as much as you can. Now take a pause for a few seconds and then slightly back to your position. Since you are coming back, think that you are using glutes to push hips forward without lifting your back. Try to engage more and ensure your chest up during complete exercise practice.

Spider Lunge

Spider Lunge is the exercise which gives shape to the body. It is named as spider walk. Moreover, it is the exercise which helps you to reduce your belly, make stronger your arm muscles and powerful leg muscles without steroids and weight loss pills.


Start at the top of a pushup position.

Bring your right foot outside with right hand

Land with a flat foot.

Bring your foot back to the starting position.

Repeat on other side.

Maintain a strong plank position throughout


Let your shoulders to move away from directly over your hands.

Let your hips to sag.


Running is the best way to get a body in shape rather than using steroids and weight loss pills. Running is the best form of all exercise. It helps in reducing weight, it helps to increase stamina, it helps to reduce stress, it helps to reduce the level of depression.

However, there are several types of running like fast running, slow running, bring chest up and running, looking up and running, looking down and running and so on. Although, following the one which suits you.

In the end, there are several other exercises which are helpful in reducing weight and making the body shape without steroids and weight losing pills. For example, Plank,  Glute Bridge, Plank Tap and Squat are some of the famous exercises which help to get the body in shape without any laser, modern technology, steroids or weight loss pills.

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