Bathroom Remodel Ideas

By Yvonne

March 26, 2017 Home Improvement No comments

Hiring a handyman is an expensive, frustrating process. In many states there is not a good governing board and many people just buy trucks and tools and start doing odd jobs.

Word of mouth can sometimes lead you to a good individual, but you also have to constantly deal with handyman who try to take too much on. There are some who should only do simple repair jobs, and the next thing you know they are trying to build a house.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

It’s best to start giving your handyman short jobs and watch how long it takes them to do it before you try giving them something big like a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

You can also keep an eye on their Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews and sometimes that can give you an accurate gauge as to the type and quality of work they have performed in the past.

Our Handyman team has been in the industry for over 2 decades. On top of that, we are sticklers about being properly registered and insured. We also do not use undocumented workers as that can increase the risk for both us and the homeowners.

In Southwest Missouri there are a lot of rent to own properties and bank foreclosures that can be easily rehabbed into solid rental properties. If you are looking to buy some distressed properties, we often get leads on these types of properties and can keep you informed.

We love working with property owners to help them build their portfolio of properties for minimal costs. Even in this time of real estate growth, there are plenty of good opportunities if you have a strong construction team behind you.

Plumbing leaks can be one of the most costly damages to a home. It destroys the sub-flooring and causes bubbling and fungal growth. Our team is very fast at removing the damaged wood and getting it replaced so you can have access to your kitchen or bathroom again. If you have insurance work to be done in these areas, don’t hesitate to call us.

Realtors often need to get homes repaired under tight time constrictions in order to meet contract deadlines. If the job is too large, we have other local contracting teams that we partner with to complete punch lists. If your home inspector is having issues with your home, we can get sellable.

Security is an important consideration for any homeowner. Whether you are running motion sensitive lights or trying to install a security kit that you bought online

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