Bad Effects of Smoking

By Yvonne

January 29, 2017 Health No comments

Cigarette is no doubt one of the cancers of our society. There is a common perception about the cigarette that replacing it with hookah, cigar, or some other alternatives save us from the harmful effects of the cigarette. But that is not the case. Whatever you smoke, the smoke of the combusted material is never safe to inhale and it will always cause bad effects.

Harmful components of cigarette:

Cigarette is not made up of only one ingredient. Although there is only tobacco and some chemicals used in it. But cigarette contains nearly 600 chemical. When they are burned, they are further converted to 7000 components. According to American Lung association there are nearly 69 agents in cigarette smoke that are carcinogenic. Almost all of these ingredients are present in the smoke of different cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. According to the national cancer institute research report, the quantity of carcinogenic and toxic agents is higher in cigars hence they must be avoided.

Bad effects of smoking

Hookah versus cigarette:

Some people have a misconception that hookahs are safer than cigarettes. This is totally a misconception. The amount of smoke is more in hookahs as compared to cigarettes and cigars. The amount of carbon monoxide smoke is higher in hookahs. It also has more smoke which results in the passive smoking. So the conclusion is that hookahs have more negative aspects.

The smoking is one of the leading cause of deaths all over the world. The mortality rate for smokes is more than the normal people and the rate is three times higher than the normal people.

Harmful effects of Nicotine:

One of the main ingredients in the cigarette is the nicotine. It is a stimulant and it reaches the brain within few seconds. It energizes us for some time and gives us the feeling of being active for some time and thus making us more active for some time. As this feeling subsides, the smoker feel lazy and bored due to which he again craves for the cigarette. Due to the nicotine, cigarette becomes our habit. If you want to know how much nicotine is in one cigarette, go to

Other negative effects:

Smoking has some other negative effects too. It results in macular degeneration too. And it also causes the weakening of eye sight. The smoking also weakens our sense of taste and smell. Due to this the smoker can’t enjoy the food. Our body has also a stress controlling hormone. The hormone controls the effects of nicotine and lowers it. Hence whenever you are under the stress, more nicotine will be needed to make you feel better and relaxed.

Effects on respiratory tract:

Smoking has disastrous effects on our respiratory tract. The smoke passes through our respiratory tract to get to the lungs. Most effected part of our body due to smoking is the whole respiratory system. Our lungs become weak due to the smoke of the cigarette. The lungs slowly lose the ability to filter toxins and chemicals due to the smoke. The chance of respiratory diseases is higher in smokers than the normal people. Smoking also damages our air sacs which exchange oxygen with the blood. Hence, it completely affects the whole respiratory system.

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