Arrange a lottery

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Arrange a lottery


A lottery is when one or more persons, with or without a bet, can win a higher value than any other participant can receive. In order to arrange a lottery, a certain conditions must be made.


Lotteries may be licensed by public nonprofit organizations. Application for registration or application for a lottery permit must be made on special forms. Usually, it is the municipality’s leisure, cultural management or a merger of both of them who handle lottery permits.


There is a law called the ”Lottery Act” that regulates this. According to Section 17 of the Lottery Act, the association must register if the following applies:


  • That the lotteries are only conducted in the municipality or municipalities in which the association operates.


–  The lotteries are not conducted from a fixed point of sale provided by a service company.


  • The total amount of the contributions in the lotteries held during the three-year period amounts to a maximum of twenty basic amounts.


–   That a profit made up of money amounts to a maximum of a basic amount.


  • That the value of the winnings in each lottery corresponds to at least 35 percent and not more than 55 percent of the value of the efforts.


– The winning share is stated on the lottery tickets, lottery lists or at the lottery site.


– That for the lotteries there is a manager approved by the registration authority.


  • The registration period is three years. Within the 20 base amount, the association may choose the time of the lotteries.


  • In connection with registration, the association is authorized to organize lotteries. A new application for registration shall be made every three years.




If the amount exceeds or the sale is made from a fixed point of sale, which is made available by a service company, permission must be sought in accordance with Section 15. Fixed sales sites mainly refer to lottery kiosks in the square or business streets, but also lottery tickets in department stores and other business premises.

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More about Section 15


According to Section 15 of the Lottery Act, in addition to examining the association, the competent lottery officers shall take particular account of the need for the lottery income. It is also investigated what space for lotteries is thought to be.


The lottery must also provide a reasonable return. A reasonable return according to the Lottery Inspectorate means a net holding of at least 25 percent of the income.


  • Under certain circumstances, an ideal association authorized to hold a lottery may not apply for registration or permission:


  • The lottery is organized in connection with an event or gathering that the association organizes or participates in.


– The lottery is only conducted within the intended area.


– The value of each bet amounts to a maximum of 1/6 basic amount.


– The value of the highest profit amounts to a maximum of 1/6 basic amount.


  • The total value of the profits corresponds to at least 35 percent of the value of the contributions, if the number of contributions and profits and the value of these are determined according to the plan.


  • The winning stand is stated on the lottery tickets or lottery lists or in the venue where the lottery is held.


  • The lottery buyer will know where and when the winnings are to be deducted and how the result of the draw is made available.




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