American Solar Eclipse 2017- Discover The Path of Totality This Year!

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American Solar Eclipse 2017: There is a spectacular event that is scheduled to take place on the 21st of August this year, and it is The Great American Solar Eclipse. This solar eclipse is going to be a total solar eclipse that is very rarely seen on Earth. These solar eclipses have tremendous scientific impact and value on the world.
What is NASA saying?
Scientists from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) say that The Great American Solar Eclipse will first be observed in the North Pacific region. Later, it is going to spread towards the East Coast to the West Coast. It will cover the areas of Montana, Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri, North Carolina, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Oregon, Tennessee and parts of Georgia. This will be the first total solar eclipse for the lower states of the nation- the last one had taken place in 1979. This solar eclipse passed through the North-Western regions of The Pacific towards Central Canada.

American Solar Eclipse 2017
Some interesting facts of this phenomenal event
Total solar eclipses rarely take place, and some of them have been shared below-
1. Solar eclipses only can be visible from the planet Earth. If you carefully examine the whole solar system, you will find that the Moon looks as if it is the same size as the Sun from the surface of the planet. This means that the moon can block the visibility of the sun when it comes to revealing the corona that is the outer atmosphere of the sun.
2. The Great American Solar Eclipse as per astronomers is the first solar eclipse that will embrace the path of totality in the nation since 1776. To know more, please visit
3. Observations during solar eclipses led to the discovery of helium by Pierre Janssen when he was examining the solar eclipse that took place in India in the year 1868. He used a spectroscope, and he suddenly saw a light from an element. This element was Helium.

American Solar Eclipse 2017
4. The solar eclipse went on to prove the General Relativity Theory by Albert Einstein. He said that the light of a star must bend when it passes the edge of the Sun. Observations by him stated that this shift was primarily due to the gravitational force of the sun. It was this observation that confirmed the General Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905.
5. You will note that both a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse come together. If you carefully examine the two, you will find that the solar eclipse takes place about two weeks before or after a lunar eclipse.
There are some superstitions when it comes to solar eclipses across the world. The Greeks believe that when the Gods are angry, solar eclipses take place. There is also a common belief that a solar eclipse is associated with accidents and other disasters. Pregnant women are advised to avoid the harmful rays of a solar eclipse.

“American Solar Eclipse 2017”
Author bio: Mandy Bular is a professor of astronomy at Harvard. Her articles have been published in reputed journals all over the world.

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