All About Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs

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November 15, 2016 Technology No comments

If we talk about one of the most favorite speculations right on the world of Internet then yes it will be launching date and spec details of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. There is no doubt that this tab comes with the most impressive specs and it will have the most impressive features. Here at this page, you will be exploring more about this tab: You can get google play gift card generator no survey.



Releasing date of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

It was heard during the Samsung’s September event that this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 might be launched at that time. Now we have been getting these new and latest reports that this tablet will be launching soon. You have to hold your breath and cross your fingers. So far no official information has been issued from the company but it is expected that this new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will and might be launching in the month of March 2017 according to TechReleased. This much-awaited tablet might come in the first quarter of next year 2017.

Feature details of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  • It might have a 16:10 screen, we have also heard these rumours that this tab will have a screen of 8-inch and also 9.7-inch. It will have an AMOLED screen rather than having an IPS display.
  • There is this possibility that this tab might have a curved-edge display. You will like its new and its innovative design. You will love the Edge version of this tab. There are too rumours that this Tab S3 might comes with a 32GB of storage. People are expecting that this tab should come with a 64GB.
  • This tab will run on Exynos 8890 and it is paired with this graphics technology consisting of Adreno 510 GPU. It consist of a sizable and a suitable amount of RAM. This tab comprises of an internal storage as well.
  • We have not received these reports that whether this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will come with the option of extended storage capacity or not!
  • This Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will also arrive and come in two variations. It is still to be confirmed yet with regard to its variation news and reports.

Other promising spec details of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  • It is rumored that you will enjoy having its 8-inch and too 9.7-inch version. This screen inch version was also present in the Galaxy Tab S2.
  • It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. Its battery is of 4,000mAh battery. It has this 32GB of storage. There are too leaked benchmarks that this tablet consist of a multi-core score of about 4,275
  • This Galaxy Tab S3 might come with a 8MP rear camera and also a 2MP right on the front side.
  • It is heard that the price of this Galaxy Tab S3 might be coming down because of many factors.

You have to wait for few more months. This model will sooner come in the next year. It is expected that you will get this tablet in your hand in the next year 2017. If more rumours and leaked details about this tablet will be received by us, we will also update you. Stay tuned with us and get more updated news and information about this latest tablet.

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