First and foremost, CCOT is also referred to as the continuity and change-over-time essay and frequently inquires on what changes has been made or not. Further, what has must be included in the whole process is the time span for analysis. However, some questions asked include some amount of choice, but you will not be asked to choose the topic or period and might be called upon to choose one or two countries, state, and much more. Below are ways on how to write a CCOT essay.

Read the question carefully: It might be obvious and unnecessary to mention, but in this most student fail to follow this rule and don’t specifically answer the intended question. Their response may be closely related to the question, but it might be completely off topic. First, you need to be concise and clear on what you are expected to do and before answering any question you should consider the following:

What is the question asking me to do?

How is it supposed to be reworded so as to make it easily understandable?

What is the period?

In what area of the world am I supposed to analyse?

What are the main keywords used in the question?

Brainstorm and create a framework for your essay: Before writing you need to at least be more neater and organised, this is good because it provides an outline for the essay and to make sure to understand the comprehend. Moreover, you need to pick the specific number of topics according to the instruction, below are ways on how to come up with an outline:

Baseline: What is the role of your question?

Impact: In what way does the intended question have an influence in the world?

Change: What changes are supposed to happen?

Continuity: What has remained the same regarding the changes?

Organise your essay: Subsequently; you are required to make an essay structure, in which you can do it in whatever way you find suitable for you. All that matters is if you answer the question correctly and appropriately.


Construct your thesis paragraph: This essay is important and critical; hence, they must be supported by thorough research and facts. To answer the question you can include key phrases from the question, you are also required to have introductory evidence, which must be included in the body of the essay.
To make the essay more interesting, you can also transition and use phrases such as ‘to better understand’ and much more. Keep in mind that a good thesis statement must contain specific information on both the required changes and continuities.

Write it! After all the brainstorming and planning, you can now begin writing the actual essay. It is important for your essay to have support claims for your evidence and the questions addressed in each portion. For instance, for a historical context, you can explain the changes over time by describing how event are similar to the big picture. Also, discuss the context and continuities of the essay question, it is important to show a comparison in different regions, countries, and much more. Try not to exaggerate your essay because a simple statement usually goes a long way and it can earn a basic core point.

Write about the previous change and talk about why they changed, also cover the historical development.
In conclusion, writing an essay is not a walk in the park, but with a lot of research and thorough thought, you can create an interesting one, which can help you get enrolled in your dream college. You can always visit for affordable writing services.


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