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True entrepreneurship is a mixture of self-development, business knowledge, marketing strategies, goals, and so on. Entrepreneurship is not easy, I understand. But it should not be difficult either. So how do you develop the skills you need as an entrepreneur?

Read books, take courses online or offline.

In this publication, I will list the best business books that each entrepreneur should read. If you are on the fence and always think about pursuing entrepreneurship, you should read these best business books to develop that entrepreneurial spirit within you.

I publish and share these books especially because I read them and found tons of value from all of them. If you read them, it’s cool, otherwise I strongly recommend reading.

Here is my list of the top 7 business books each entrepreneur should read:
1.Believe me ,i lie ti you by Evan holiday
“The idiot that feeds the monster”. This is how Ryan Holiday looks.
The book details Holiday’s experience with the media, in particular, “how blogs like Gawker, BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post are directing the media agenda” and how bloggers are “slaves of money, technology and possible. ”
Holiday believes that if you are cynical enough, you can shape a lot of what the public reads, sees and looks, especially online.
In this book, you can learn how companies can manipulate the blogosphere in order to get “credible” publications to cover them. It is wise to know all the information and techniques mentioned here. I would say it’s a must-have business book for entrepreneurs.

2. How to Make Friends and Influence Others by Dale Carnegie

This book is full of gold tips and recommended to every entrepreneur, in fact, just about everyone is looking to succeed in anything. This book teaches you the specific ways you can communicate and empathize with everyone. Have you ever thought or wondered how and why some people treat people in terms of social and work situations? If so, then this book is for you.

3. Miracke Morning of Hak Elrod
This book will help you learn to wake you up each day with more energy, motivation and concentration on life at the next step. If you want to get a little more of your life and improve your business or entrepreneurial career in a positive way, then this book is for you. This is a best book for any entrepreneur.

4. Think and become wealthy of Napoleon Hill
This book will help you find the mind you really need in professional or entrepreneurial careers. This will change your attitude towards money and expenses and how it works. This book shows you that the hardest thing to do is think, so if you captivate your mind to the right thing properly, growth is not difficult. I highly recommend and I must read as this is the best business.

5.100 Pour Lancer Son Business By Chris Guillebeau
This book shows you that starting a business under 100 € is possible. This book mentions many people and startups who started their journey with limited money and resources. This is the best book if you want to learn how to start and validate your startup with limited money and resources.

6. Lean Startup: Adopt the continuous innovation of Eric Ries
There are many valuable strategies and tactics in this book to make sure your startup succeeds. The book shows the new approach and how today’s businesses and startups are built and how they launch their products. It tells you how to know what your customer really wants. Read this book before you start any startup or create a product for your customer.

7. La Semaine De 4 Hevres
This book teaches you how to manage time, be more productive and get rich. This book tells you a step-by-step action plan to eliminate non-essential work, automating things. As an entrepreneur, you must be productive and outsource or delegate your unproductive task so that you can focus on the bigger picture. This book is a model. Super famous book and must be read by an entrepreneur.

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