8 Killer Tips to Create a Mobile App for Business That Converts Like Crazy

With many users accessing the internet and shopping online from their smartphones and devices, businesses are going mobile in a bid to remain relevant. And one way enterprises are achieving this is by creating mobile apps.

However, not all phone apps are made equal. If you scroll through the apple store or Google’s play store, you’ll come across countless apps that are not only useless to users, but are also a waste of funds to the companies owning them.

Now, you don’t want to repeat this mistake as you may end up turning off and losing many of your brand’s fans and prospects. Here are must have features for developing the best mobile apps for business in New Jersey.

1. Feedback system

Having some way to allow users to leave feedback is critical. It could be a like button, a review text box or a link to an email or something else. Ensure there’s a quick way to let your app users report bugs, provide criticisms or suggestions. They’ll appreciate to know that you value their input. You can use their suggestions to improve the app.


2. User experience

A compelling mobile app is one whose interface focuses on the user. To achieve this, apply the general hierarchy for apps as used on apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Users will spend a longer time on your app if they find it beautiful, easy to use and pleasantly surprising.

3. Customization

Make it easy for users to fiddle around with colors, font sizes, and privacy settings, especially if it’s a social app. You should make it easy for users to tailor some features to their own taste. For example, make it possible for them to enable or disable notifications. That way, it will be hard for you to make mistakes, and in case you do, the user will adjust it.

4. Simplicity rocks

It can be tempting to throw in lots of small, frivolous features to your app because they look gorgeous or cool to you. Instead, figure out those few basic features that your users want and work on building those features only; nothing more. I would prefer a mobile app that enables me to do whatever I want within 30 seconds than a convoluted UX that allows me to do lots of things that I’m least interested in.

5. Keep in mind it’s a phone

If you operate a brick-and-mortar business, you should take a step back to remember the fact that the app will work on a phone. That means you can include an option that allows customers to connect with you over the phone, while they’re using your mobile app. It can go a long way to deliver a top-grade customer service.

6. Keep it relevant

The content on your app must be what your users won’t find on your website. Don’t just build another web browser. Instead, focus on adding relevant information that will deliver an experience that’s richer than what is on your website. The catch here is to attract loyal users.

7. Minimize clicks

If you have to ask users to sign up, register or complete any forms, ensure you remove possible clicks from the design. Conversion rates can drop sharply when extra work is needed to sign up. What about asking users to sign into the app with their Facebook login information? You only have a few seconds to hook up with users. If you give them a bad experience, you won’t see them again.

8. Speed is critical

Make your app load fast. People don’t like waiting for eons for app to load. When designing, talk to your mobile app development company on the importance of prioritizing speed.

Hopefully, these tips will inspire you to have an impressive experience in your business mobile app development in Maryland.

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