6 Online Reputation Management Strategies Doctors Should Follow In 2017

Be it the health care profession, legal or IT, online presence is the basic need of the hour. Without a strong online presence you cannot thrive in the cutting edge competition of the business world. As a doctor you need to maintain a good online reputation to get more patients.

Below we have listed the most crucial strategies that will definitely work in 2017.

medical SEO for your business

1.A simple web design and SEO

A well designed simple website can bring in more visitors to your website. A patient will not prefer browsing through clumsy and confusing websites. So, the first step is to keep the web design to a minimal and upload well written informative contents. Patients should find the information they are looking for with ease, then only they will keep coming back.

Another thing to engage into is medical SEO. To be precise, the contents in your website should be engaging with the right keywords, so that when a patient enters it into the search engines your website comes on top. Such important is medical SEO for your business.

2.Take advantage of social media

Social media has emerged as one of the powerful platforms for sharing information, growing business, networking and staying connected with family and friends worldwide. Make use of social media to enhance your online reputation. Create your own page on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and reach your patients with ease. Be active on social media and live chat with the users to address their query. This will have a good impact on the patients and they are likely to visit your website to book an appointment.

3.Embrace online reviews

Online reviews play a major role in online reputation management. Nowadays patients look for reviews and decide as to which doctor to visit. Online reviews and ratings are considered more reliable as compared to the advertisements. You can register your medical practise on my google business and similar other platforms and if you earn good reviews, more and more patients will take appointment at your chamber.

4.Ask patients for reviews

You can distribute feedback forms to the patients in the form of a short questionnaire post appointment and ask them to fill it up. Also, you can send them emails with a link that will redirect them to the review page. But, you should remember that this should be just a request and you should not pressurize them for the feedback.

5.Do not ignore negative reviews

There is no doubt that you will provide the best service to your patients. But, there are still some patients who maybe unhappy with your service and end up putting negative reviews. You should answer these positively and boldly. Ignoring such negative reviews can hamper your online reputation.

A small tip to remember is that not all the reviews of your service should be positive. This can lead to the impression that it is paid review. Let the patients honestly put down their feedback.

6.Hire the medical marketing experts

For your online reputation management you should completely rely on the medical marketing experts. They will help you increase your patient base, increase appointments, gain good online reviews.

With these few strategies in mind, you can expect a strong patient base, who will keep on returning to you, the next time they require a doctor.

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