6 Most Common Uses Of Flyers

Advertising and communication are one of the most important features of business expansion in the world today. With media expansion from print to digital, the world of business propagation has changed a lot. But there are somethings who have stood their ground amidst all this digitization. Flyers are one of such things.


A flyer is basically a pamphlet made for distribution in public places regarding information of various kinds. These are circulated in various ways. These can be posted in places, mailed or simply handed out in a one to one interaction. These made in bulk to have the maximum coverage among people.6 Most Common Uses Of Flyers

Here are the 6 things which require the use of flyers.

1. Event advertisement

The best way to let a large number of people know about an event is through a flyer. Be it a rock concert, a charity event or even a baseball game flyers are of great use for propagation. A great picture and short compact info abou the event is just what a great flyer needs. The best thing about is people read it, follow it and is done at minimal expense. The event you want to advertise thus gets maximum coverage at lowest cost.

2. Goods and Services Promotion

Flyers are of great use to business and services who want to promote their goods to a wider public. Malls, restaurants, departmental stores do it frequently. Hiring people and distributing flyers about their stores is a very common promotion strategy. It is a tried and tested strategy put to use by both local businesses and large Multinational companies at large.

3. Recruitment for companies and organizations

Various companies and other organizations recruit interns, professionals and volunteers through flyers. This is a guaranteed medium of reaching out to the most number of people.

For example during the second world war the USA used flyers for recruitment in the armed forces. The initiative was a great success with people joining the armed forces in large number for war efforts. Even the Red Cross society does this kind of recruitment for volunteers in various countries.

4. Public announcements

Not only individuals and organizations, even government offices issue flyers of various kinds. Public announcements are many a time made with flyer distribution. These include public auctioning, governmental notices, warnings about natural calamities etc.

5. Political Campaigning

Political campaigning by various parties and politicians have included flyers as an important medium of getting to the people. It is one of the most inexpensive yet successful ways of campaigning.

People are asked to vote, attend conventions, and even raise money through flyers distributed by political campaigners. Flyer printing businesses thus garner a lot of revenue during election times in many countries.

6. Couponing

Couponing is done by many stores through flyers. Coupons are added with advertisement flyers providing discounts and special offers in their stores. This is a great marketing and promotional advantage of using flyers as it gets you a fresh start and also new customers and clients for business.

Flyers are one of the best ways to improve branding, advertisement for business and other organizations, specifically when utilized with other marketing strategies. Flyer printing is now turning digital also with many online portals providing high quality printing services to customers worldwide.

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