5 Reasons Your Business Should Incorporate Social Media Marketing

By Yvonne

February 4, 2017 SEO No comments

In this digital and cutting edge competitive world, [sociallocker]social media marketing is rapidly becoming an important element of marketing strategy. With the growing use and success of social media, businesses, all around the world are discovering ways to make use of it in different areas of their business. It has been reported that social media efforts increase the traffic and sales. But to successfully incorporate it into the business, understanding of social media marketing and its benefits is really necessary. So, let’s take a look at the various ways it can improve your business.


1. Improved Brand Recognition

Social media networks present you with new channels for your brand’s content, voice, and identity. It provides you an opportunity to increase your visibility, which you need to grab with both hands. It plays a significant role as it makes your business accessible to new customers while making you more recognizable to your existing ones. By implementing social media, you can engage with a wider range of audience, which improves your brand recognition.

2. More Number of Converting Opportunities

Social media marketing provides you an immense opportunity to convert your customers. Every post you make on social media is yet another chance to bring a customer into your fold. And if you have to build a strong following, you gain access to a whole new range of customers along with your existing ones. Interaction is facilitated through every post, share or comment that leads to conversion. Although not every interaction results in conversion but it does provide you with increased chances of an eventual conversion.

3. Boost in Inbound Traffic

Social media gives you a brand new platform to make people aware about your business. Without it, you are just familiar to limited people who already know about your brand and searches for keywords you currently rank for. Every single profile you add on social media provides you with another way that leads back to your site. So, with more quality content on social media, you generate more inbound traffic. And more traffic eventually leads to more conversions.

4. Increased Search Engine Rankings

Regularly updating your blog or distributing links that direct back to your site or ensuring optimized tags, is no longer enough. Although SEO is one of the best ways to grab the traffic from search engines, things keep on changing on the constant basis. Many search engines including Google are making use of social media presence in calculating the rankings, which makes it an important factor in boosting the ranking. By being active on the social media, you present your brand as credible, legitimate and trustworthy. So, to increase your ranking for specific keywords, a strong social media presence is almost compulsory.

5. Improved Customer Insights

The key to success of a business is understanding the customers. And social media gives you the opportunity to gain valuable information about your customer’s preferences. Through this platform, you can gather information to best cater the customer’s needs and wants. You can further measure the conversions and find the best combination to increase your revenues.

Social media marketing can lead to more traffic, more customers and more conversions, if done right. This platform offers you an advanced and great way to target your customers with keywords and demographics. So, get started! [/sociallocker]

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