5 Reasons Mauritius Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

By Yvonne

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Mauritius is not just another island country with clear waters and sandy beaches. It is much more than that. The place is a marvellous blend of cultures with varied cuisine, diverse nature and welcoming people. Despite being a small country, it has amazing landscape, lush beaches, soothing temperatures with a lot more to offer to explore and spend your next holiday in. Whether you a a history buff or into travelling, nature or food, this place has it all.


With its surrey sized islands and being surrounded by the Southern Indian Ocean, it boasts year round warm weather and sunshine along with gentle trade winds. Here are the reasons that makes Mauritius the perfect destination for your next holiday.

1. Luxurious Romance

You can feel the romance in not only the air of the Mauritius but also in the widely stretched alluring beaches, imposing volcanic peaks and the verdant forestry. It is all the more amplified by the luxurious hotels and resorts the place has to offer. Being known for its seven coloured earth in Chamarel, you just fall in love with the red, indigo, violet, yellow and green coloured swirls and stripes on the soil. A holiday in Mauritius is the perfect romantic getaway with its seafront infinity pools, private helicopter transfers and spas.

2. Beautiful Beaches

Mauritius is famous for its soul searing beaches that are spread over 160 km area of the island. You can find the perfect spot to bask in the sunshine and spend your day leisurely. On the east coast line, you are more likely to find a small and secluded beach to yourself as it is rockier, while in the north you will get to experience the white sand adorning the azure waters. You also get to explore the strongest of winds on the east coast which may bring out your wraps from the bags. Or you can enjoy the wilder scene and catch the waves in the south or simply relish in the sunset of the flat golden beaches of the west.

3. Diverse Wildlife

If you are a nature lover, you are in for a treat. Being a home to a dozen natural reserves, tropical forests, waterfalls and botanical gardens, it perfectly caters to your love for nature. You get to explore the different species of wildlife under the water to make your Holiday in Mauritius the perfect experience for you. Not just this, Mauritius is also home to over 700 flowering plants including the 80 varieties of palms, giant water lilies and incredibly beautiful pandanus.

4. Luscious Food

Mauritius is diverse not only in terms of its wildlife and nature but also in its cuisines which is one of the most diverse in the world. French, African, Asian and Indian, it has the unique flavours of it all. If you are into seafood, this place has a lot to offer you and your tasting buds. But make sure that you try out the local dhal puri which can be found just about anywhere and further scan the restaurants for fish vindaye, dube and chicken stew. And of course the rum, which thanks to its former pirate links, is available all round the island.

5. Exuberant Festivals

Mauritius is largest Hindu pilgrimage outside India, if you are interested in experiencing the exuberant festivals, visit during Maha Shivratri. A population of roughly around 500,000 make this pilgrimage on foot to Grand Bassin, which is a lake near the giant statue of Lord Shiva. The atmosphere during Diwali is just divine with lots of light and a special feast on gateau patates.

So, if you are planning on taking a vacation, Mauritius is the perfect destination to spend your time in. So, pack your bags and get ready to relish your holidays in Mauritius! Check out some Hotels in Mauritius.

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