5 Myths about Joining an Art School or College

Like scientists, artists also conceive exciting ideas when they were young. Most of these ideas are unconventional. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, you will find that original ideas can come to anyone at any time. The individual is never too old or young to discover or be discovered. Young artists are flexible and they are ready to embrace new technology and use them in the most extraordinary ways as possible.

However, many people have a wide range of misconceptions when it comes to joining an art school or college. Given below are the 5 myths that people have about joining an art school or college

  1. You are born talented –

The moment your inclination or skill in art is discovered, it is assumed that you are born talented. This means you do not have to learn the techniques of creative or fine arts or design as the skill is innate. You can just about draw anything and everything with perfection. However, the opposite is true. You need to put in several years of effort and practice in order to become a very good artist and be recognised in the community.

2. You have a second job –

The moment you tell people you are an artist, they assume you have a second job. Many are ignorant of the fact that art is an expansive field and there are many avenues for you to join as a professional. Artists do earn well if they have the right degree and training. The field is original and creative. There is job satisfaction and security when you are an artist. You also have the scope to earn well!

3.You have a life free from stress –

Life for an artist is carefree and easy- at least that is what most people believe and think. If you are an artist, you are immune from stress and the challenges of daily life. You have no bills, no taxes to pay, no family issues etc. Now, this is not true at all. Artists are like everyone else and yes, they do have their share of pressures and challenges too!

  1. You do not work –

    All play and no play signifies the life of an artist. The artist is assumed to do not work at all and has all the time in the world. This opinion and judgment of most people is a little too harsh for the artist. He or she does work and earn a decent living too!

  2. You are bad at business –

    This is one of the biggest misconception about artists. It is presumed they are not good business people. They cannot organise their work and have no business sense at all. The truth is when you are self-employed, it is important for you to be aware of time and people management. Artists like everyone else need to find time for work, arrange meetings for shows and exhibitions, make new connections etc.

In conclusion, the life of an artist is not what it is presumed to be by most people. Like everyone else, artists are ordinary individuals with an innate skill that they love to do to make a decent income for themselves!

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