5 Different kinds of Fencing For Your Property

By Yvonne

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Fencing is a very important task when it comes to protecting properties. Fences are being used since time immemorial to protect lands, forts and other important places. It is similar to a wall just the solid foundation is absent in fences. Fences are made of different materials depending on the money one wishes to spend. The fences may range from simple wooden dog ears, to iron and even aluminium. Fences also come with corner posts, cap posts and exquisite arbors, arched gates.


Different kinds of fences are used for different properties and places. A simple garden lawn can have a wooden dog ear fence or even a spaced picket. Similarly a commercial space such as a construction site, shopping complex or office requires iron fencing with steel posts.

Let’s have a look at the 5 kinds of fences provided by fence companies.

1. Commercial Fencing

Commercial fences are used for protecting private commercial property. These include buildings, open lands, construction sites etc. In order to protect these spaces from encroachment and trespassers it is required to put up fences around such sites. A strong steel chain gate is there for entry and exit in such fences.

2. Wooden Fencing

A wooden fencing is the most type of fencing done in homes for protection and demarcation between houses. These fences are generally put up with wooden posts and pillar at corners. Wooden fences are normally installed for protecting gardens, lawns. These aren’t basically for a full scale protection of house rather for normal guarding against smaller threat of rodents and animals.

3. Iron Fence

Iron fences are required for full scale protection and long term. These fences require elaborate designing as these are put for long term usage. Iron fences are used for decoration, demarcation and protection. Its utility is dependent on its height and pattern as taller fences are put for protection and smaller ones for as guard and demarcation from other houses and roads.

4. Speciality Fence

Speciality fences are customised fences for certain areas and designs. These fences are used for various purposes such as ranch animal enclosures, warehouse guards and also as fancy house fences. The material also varies from normal wood or metal fences as vinyl and other synthetic materials. The patterns get fancy with designs such as scalloped gates, cap and trims etc.

5. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are the best option for your fencing problem if you have a limited budget and want a space covered. Chain links are like wired meshes available for demarcation and protection of mostly activity spaces. A chain link fence basically has has four key elements – fabric, framework, fittings and gates.

Coating is one of the most used ways to increase the longevity of chain fences. The most used metal for this is galvanized (zinc). Among other choices you have vinyl or polyester color coatings. Color treatments enhance landscaping and blending of the fence with the surroundings. All these provide additional protection against rusting and corrosion due to humidity and rain.

To provide exceptional fencing solutions there has been a steady growth in number of fencing companies. People now have more choices in having their fence installations. Fences are an important part of any property. For demarcation, protection, guarding or simply for decoration fences are an essential part of modern urban and suburban life.

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