5 Best Way to Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning the carpet is the most concerned topic for all those who are care-taking members in the family. Hygiene and cleanliness play a pivotal role in everyone’s life and therefore, we have brought to you easy solution and tips right from the experts list on how carpet cleaning can be done in an affordable manner.


Vacuum Often, Where It Counts
Carpet in house often acts as a giant air filters that collects all the dirt and dust in the home. Therefore, whenever you get a time you should often give a heads up to yourself for whole-home vacuum along with including a vacuuming high-traffic areas.

Go Slow
When you plan to vacuum your home or carpet, ensure you’ve got enough time to overlap strokes. We at HiCare train our carpet cleaning service professionals to slowly take three strokes each in the forward and backward directions. This method makes us sure that the work is being done efficiently while giving the vacuum time to do its work.

Treat Stains Immediately
Yes, the stains are stubborn when they get dried. Therefore, don’t neglect them, get it cleaned as soon as they happen. Now a day, most of the carpets resist any liquid penetration for a little time span. All you must do is, simply blot (avoid rubbing) it until it dries out with a help of a clean cloth. This method will not allow the stain to settle on your carpet when done immediately. In rare cases when blotting doesn’t work, treat your carpet with natural options, like soda water or any other cleaners.

Maintain Your Vacuum
A lot of people have experienced that their vacuum stops working when there is a lack of care. Regularly empty the canister and check for clogs, and filters.

Go Pro
Ponderon getting your carpet cleaned by professional carpet cleaning service provider twice a year so that they are treated right which your vacuum can’t do it. Your vacuum might leave a dirt-attracting residue on your carpet. Getting it cleaned by certified professionals can help you a lot in maintaining the hygiene of your house.

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