4 Reasons You Should Gravitate Towards Mandala Paintings

By Yvonne

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The Sanskrit term Mandala, meaning circle or completion had its origin in the land of the orient. History gives us evidence of Mandala paintings being used for the purpose of meditation and exploring oneself. In today’s busy world, people hardly get time to relax and in such a scenario a Mandala painting can give you an opportunity for having a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

But, not all painters draw Mandala paintings. Mandala painters are rare to find, but in Little Rock you will find a Mandala painter named Robert Sherman, whose works are amazing and ensure to give you a feeling of relaxation, clarity and inner peace.
If you are among those who hardly get time to relax due to work pressure, then you must resort to meditation on a daily basis with the help of Mandala paintings. An hour or less is enough for a rejuvenation. Here are the reasons to buy a painting from a Mandala painter in Little rock and start meditating with it-

1. Mandalas have existed from the historical times

The Mandala paintings have represented the universe from ages and have replicated itself again and again throughout different cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity. All these cultures have their own Mandalas and their own versions of it. Hinduism considers Mandala paintings to be the representation of various qualities of the deities, Buddhists consider it to be a symbol of the cosmos and a way of meditation. These have served as the best meditation aid from time immemorial and hence, you should adhere to it for meditation.

4 Reasons You Should Gravitate Towards Mandala Paintings

2. Mandalas boost self relaxation

The whole idea here is to concentrate on the white dot at the centre and allow your inner self-dialogues to begin. With more and more focus, you will feel that the painting is literally moving. This is a great way to heal your inner self. When you are concentrating on the dot, the mind goes into a new state and elevates into Alpha waves. To put it simply, the state in which the mind change situation involving the body.

3. Mandalas heals the body from within

The advantages of the Mandala paintings are amazing. The creation by the Mandala painters not only allows you to relax and de-stress but at the same time, it is good for your health as well. These have believed to cure the following-
Brings blood pressure to normal
Decreases muscle pain
Helps to cure chronic illnesses
Reduces emotional stress and increases confidence.
Reduces PMS
Enhances the immunity

4. Mandalas will always be ‘In’

The art of Mandalas will never go out of style. This art has molded itself over the years and has found itself being portrayed in modern art.

Robert Sherman is a professional artist, contributing exceptional work in this field for over 50 years. His inspiration came since the day a psychic told him that he was a Mandala painter in Tibet in the 4th century. Ever since he is painting Mandalas and helping people deal with their stress.

Hence, if you are looking for a way to de-stress yourself and have some relaxation and rejuvenation, then meditation through Mandala paintings is the best and most effective way to achieving this purpose.

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