4 Amazing Car Spa Services You Shouldn’t Miss Out

By Yvonne

September 2, 2017 House Services No comments

A Car spa and cleaning service revitalize your car. We all may agree the life of a person totally changes for a better due to three things happening to someone.

The first thing is when a person is getting married when a person is expecting a child, and the third thing is when someone is planning
to buy a car.

Just before you will be able to realize, you have already got a companion for yourself ‘Car’ with whom you can go on a ride for miles.

Being the owner of a car, we all want to see our car dazzling and shining without any single scratch or dent at all times.

And any automobile lover or enthusiast on this earth can certainly agree that when it comes to automobiles, there are always two kinds of peculiar smell that everyone loves, i.e. Gasoline smell and a car that smells good from both inside and out.

But, it’s not just the smell that will make someone happy. We also want our car to be in a great condition that reflects the great smell including the paintwork, the rims which is shiny clean, flawlessly cleaned tyres and thoroughly washed and placed rugs and seat covers at its place.

Here are four services covered under a complete car spa service for which we all should get car spa done:
1. Cleaning Exterior
Our technician performing a car spa service uses exceptional foam for cleaning the exterior of any car. All the car owners go through a lot of trouble while taking the care of the car and maintaining its shine forever like it is brand new each day.

The top most challenging tasks are cleaning the car and double-check if everything is fine. We, at HiCare have amazing technicians who can take care of washing your car’s exterior thoroughly with the use of special cleaning solutions and techniques.

You can get rid of the accumulated filth and dirt in those deep areas of your car’s mudguards, hood, grills, suspension shafts, engine endings, and wheel axis’.

2. Protect Windshield Professionally
The car’s windshield is highly prone to scratches and damage; therefore, at HiCare we use high-tech method of swabbing devices and polishing creams to make them right.

3. Interior car cleaning and detailing
Our cleaners use a vacuum for cleaning the seats and seat covers while following the upholstery, interior door panels, dashboard, glasses and window panels until all the dirt is gone.

They also use shampoo while performing vacuuming as it leaves a sparkling shine on the overall. Further, your car is disinfected with the help of top-quality disinfectant to kill the bacteria and germs present on the
surfaces of your car or inside the car.

4. Accurately Paint Correction and Protection
Our car spa service experts use a special polish to revamp your car and give an evenly smooth outer finishing look. Some of the add-ons we provide you through this process are polishing your car with a branded cream, removing scratches and dents, applying a final coating to protect from dust, and bird droppings.

We do everything possible to make your car look as good as new right from the interiors to exteriors to perfuming. There’s a lot more to experience at Hi Care for all the professional cleaning services you will need in future. To book an appointment for car cleaning, contact us today.
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