How Castles Were Secured In Mid-Evil Times

When you think of how a castle in the mid evil era is protected, the scene that would play in your mind would be knights on horses, archers firing arrows and inhabitants pouring boiling oil on attackers. Although these images are exaggerated, they hold some truth. The mid-evil day castles were built to be defensive as possible. All the elements of their architecture were designed to ensure that the castle was strong and could hold out against sieges that may last for days. The castle defenses rendered fortresses truly impregnable.

 For instance, one of the methods they used in securing their castle was a curtain wall. The curtain wall was a huge stone wall which was built outside the castle. The reason it was called a curtain wall is simply because it covered everything within. This curtain wall the main layer of defense. Some of these castles were up to 2 meters thick and more than 6 feet tall.

 Most times, the center of the walls were made of rough rubble, rocks and the exterior were made of huge stones. This design gave the wall adequate strength and enabled it to withstand battering and missiles. With time, they started developing new innovations to fortify the castle more. The castle where built with two curtain walls. One of the walls was inside and the other was outside. This new design had the strongest defenses you can imagine and it was very difficult for attackers to invade the inhabitants.

 Some other castles used ditches as a means of securing themselves. The ditches were filled with water and they became moats. The water was disgusting and remained stagnant. All the waste that came from the castle were deposited in that water – including waste from the toilet. The moats were very useful. They didn’t allow attackers to get close to the curtain walls. It stopped them from being able to use their missiles effectively. It made it possible for archers to aim at attackers. Imagine you were an archer standing that high, the probability that you would aim at your enemies accurately is almost a 100 percent possible. The archers could defend that castle with arrows and other weapons effectively. Another advantage of the moats was the inability of anyone to burrow beneath the castle.

 However, moats were not so deep. They were about a meter of water. But it played a huge role in wading off attackers. Sometimes, nasty surprises were waiting for invaders in the moat with sharpened stakes and so on.

 In the mid evil era, it was very difficult to know were invaders may attack from. They also made use of a tower. These towers were very tall and you could see long distances afar.

 Back in mid-evil times they did not have residential locksmith services to come by and evaluate castles. Most of the castle security tasks were undertaken by peasants and slaves. A lot of labor when into the ultimate security of a castle.

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